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Plinth Home is a homewares company created by Sue Huey. 


Now based in Brighton on England's South Coast, the brand was originally conceived in Phoenix Arizona back in 2018. Plinth Home's first collection was very much a reflection of the desert landscape and the dusty sun bleached colours of the beautiful, yet rugged, Southwestern state. 


Plinth Home, known for its minimalist hand-stitched embroidered cushions and tote bags has expanded the offering to introduce rugs, prints, and most recently tableware; linen tablecloths, runners and embroidered napkins. The style is very minimalist, often utilising single lines of chain stitch to create abstract shapes and more densely stitched areas of colour blocking.


We strive to be as sustainable as possible and are huge advocates of natural fabrics in particular linen; strong, durable and biodegradable and all Plinth Home products are handmade to order, to avoid waste.

Handcrafted Camelback Cushion
Handcrated Cushion by Plinth Home
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